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    2. Interactive KIOSK MEDIASTAFF Series

    Interactive KIOSK MEDIASTAFF Series

    Interactive KIOSK MEDIASTAFF Series

    MEDIASTAFF Series has been contributing to self-service improvement and work optimization in a variety of fields since its launch in 1995. With expansions in diversified societies, it is equipped with all of PFU's strengths and focuses especially on self-service and sales promotions to support customer businesses.

    Case Studies

    MEDIASTAFF provides customers with a seamless service workflow, and is used in various scenes to welcome customers.

    Retail Facilities

    • Providing membership services
    • Issuing coupons
    • Charging electronic money

    Healthcare Facilities

    • Automating repeated visits to the hospital

    Local Governments & Public Facilities

    • Searching through library collections and checking rental statuses
    • Processing various applications

    Other Facilities (Transportation, Logistics, Banking etc.)

    • Facilitating airport check-ins and managing flight mileage
    • Booking and issuing tickets