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    2. Embedded Systems

    High Quality and Reliability with Product Development, Manufacturing, and Support All Done in Our Factories

    Overview of Our Embedded Systems

    Our embedded products have been used in a wide range of fields from industrial equipment (machine tools, measuring devices, medical devices etc.), information and imaging equipment (transmission devices, broadcast units etc.), to control equipment for transportation systems and plants. We support product development from modules to customized products, to meet all customer needs.

    • SmartFactory
    • Digital Healthcare
    • Communication/5G
    • Connected Car

    Designing, Manufacturing Skills & Development Environments

    PFU plans, designs, manufactures, and provides support for its products, all in-house, enabling speedy and reliable product development and reduced development costs, for maximized benefits.

    1.Development (Planning & Designing)

    • Advanced facilities supporting our highly skilled workers


    • Design analysis and steady verification systems ensuring stable operation


    • High quality produced from our factories in Japan
    • ISO quality assurance systems that include quality assurance divisions

    Product Customizations

    PFU dedicates itself on responding to all customer needs with utmost flexibility. Whether customers desire to utilize our technology to give their products competitive advantage, or use their own software on our latest embedded products, we offer high-level solutions for all requests with our diverse services. We simply provide everything from designing boards and systems, such as designing component devices and developing customized devices, to customizing software.

    • Implementation of Latest Technology

    • Longer Service Life
      Longer Service Provision

    • Durability

    • Space-saving

    Product Lineup

    Computer-on-Module/Single Board Computer (AM Series)


    Integrates prominent system functions like CPU, into a single module

    Single Board Computers

    Single board computers produced with our ultimate technologies and development concepts

    Embedded Computers (AR Series)

    Meets various requirements with maximum performance

    Expansion Cards (AI Series)

    Adds functionalities to embedded computers

    Embedded Expansion Products (AW Series)

    Supplementary controller and software to enhance functions of embedded computers

    Overseas EMC and Safety Standards

    Reliable Expansion Overseas with Models Satisfying All Prominent Safety Standards

    Countries where customers use our products standardize EMC test and safety test requirements due to their laws and regulations to minimize health and safety hazards. Following these standards and designed and manufactured in Japan, our embedded computers deliver clients competitive advantage in safety. Individual shipping as maintenance parts is also possible as they are all certified as individual controller.

    Handling Overseas Standards for Embedded Computers

    The AR series is comprised of a wide variety of models including ones complying with Europe's CE mark, China's CCC regulations, Taiwan's BSMI regulations, Korea's EMC and safety regulations, besides the standard models complying with regulations in Japan, America, and Canada.

    *1 If our customers can comply with European regulations including recycling, we can place the CE mark upon request.