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    2. DynaEye Series

    DynaEye Series

    The DynaEye Series is OCR software lineup for professional use, enabling highly accurate character recognition.

    Product Lineup

    Form OCR

    Scanner Compatible Products

    • DynaEye 10

      DynaEye 10 is the next-generation OCR software utilizing AI functionalities to provide form recognition for similarly formatted forms.

    • DynaEye EX

      DynaEye EX is form OCR software that recognizes handwritten characters with high accuracy as long as you have your scanner and computer.

    • ScanConnect

      ScanConnect is software for form recognition that automatically categorizes and creates keyword lists after scanning form batches.

    Purpose Specific OCR

    Identity Verification

    Scanner Compatible Products

    • DynaEye Driver's License OCR

      DynaEye Driver's License OCR is software for developers to integrate driver's license information, scanned with the fi-65F/60F A6 compact flatbed scanner, with business system and package software.

    • DynaEye Individual Number OCR

      DynaEye Individual Number OCR is developer software that enables use of scanned Individual Number Card information in business systems and package software.

    • Insurance Card OCR (Partner Products)

      Insurance Card OCR is software, allowing utilization of scanned health insurance information for medical data entry and identity verification.

    Tablet Compatible Products

    • DynaEye Identity Verification Camera OCR V5.0

      DynaEye Identity Verification Camera OCR is software that allows information of self-verification documents such as driver's licenses, Individual Number Cards, and resident cards, scanned with tablet devices (Windows®/Android™/iOS) to be used for identity verification and data entry.

    Accounting and Fare Adjustment

    Server Compatible Products (Scanner and Camera Compatible)

    • Receipt Analysis Library (Partner Products)

      Receipt Analysis Library is software that runs OCR and extracts information from receipts, scanned using scanners and MPF as well as shot on the camera of your smart device.