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    iNetSec reinforces your network security

    iNetSec is a security product realizing secure and safety network for you.
    PFU provides three products which have detection function of cyber attacks, prevention function of unauthorized devices like BYOD, isolation function of vulnerable endpoint devices, detection and isolation functions of devices infected by unknown malware.

    Cyber attack detection & streamlining of SOC operation  iNetSec MP 2040

    It is a network security product that detects unknown threats and allows you to grab whole of attacking by visualizing the attack process with our proprietary technology "Malicious Intrusion Process Scan". It also streamlines SOC operation by allowing you accurately to grab information requiring countermeasure.

    Detect risky device and isolate it from the network  iNetSec SF

    It is a security appliance (hardware) product that checks devices from points of various security risk views and isolates risky devices from the network. With the Basic license, it can be used for prevention against network connection by unauthorized devices like private PCs and/or smartphones connections. With optional licenses, it works as security measures against targeted cyber attack, vulnerability inspection of endpoint devices and so on.

    Enforce patch application by isolating vulnerable devices  iNetSec Inspection Center

    It is software that provides application form to let unknown device users register their identifiable information, inspects vulnerabilities on PCs and smart devices and enforces patch application by isolating unpatched devices.

    This product solves your following challenges:

    • Want to allow only patch applied devices to connect the network.
    • Want to enforce patch application as countermeasure of cyber attack.
    • Want to enforce the latest OS versions to smartphones.