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    Procurement Policy

    PFU carries out procurement based on the policy outlined hereafter.

    Procurement Policy

    1. Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Our Suppliers
      PFU does business on the foundation of the values that are common to the entire PFU group. In order to continually strive toward creating new value, necessary parts, software, and services (procured items) are procured from our many and varied suppliers and provided to society as PFU's products and services.
      PFU has built a long-term relationship of trust with said suppliers based on working together to constantly improve. Together as partners we aim to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship by respectively working ever harder to realize our full potential and continue to be prosperous.
    2. Objective and Fair Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers
      PFU evaluates potential suppliers overall based on factors such as 1. credibility as a business, 2. technological competence, 3. possession of the required items or service types and the conditions therefor (quality, price, delivery period and so forth), and 4. the degree to which the business expresses CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
      In regard to the selection of suppliers, the above-mentioned overall evaluation is applied uniformly to companies both in Japan and overseas, regardless of the size of the company. PFU earnestly considers companies wishing do business with us as well, and provides them a fair and equal chance to participate.
    3. CSR-Conscious Procurement
      Based on PFU and FUJITSU's CSR Procurement Guidelines, PFU and its suppliers conduct CSR-conscious procurement in regard to global environment conservation, legal compliance, respect for human rights, industrial health and safety, reliability of our products and services, guarantee of quality, maintenance of information security, fair trade and corporate ethics, and treatment of conflict minerals.

    Cooperation with Suppliers on Procurement

    PFU, together with its suppliers, fulfills its responsibility to society as part of the supply chain.

    Green Procurement

    ISO14001 certification, creation of an environment management system (EMS), and other such measures are becoming essential provisions in the furthering of business. In the face of such, PFU considers environmental issues to be of particular importance in corporate management, and implements an environmental management system that spans all the group enterprises, both in Japan and overseas. Additionally, hereafter PFU will aim to further reduce the burden of the supply chain on the environment, and, with the cooperation of our suppliers, expand the application of green procurement outlined in the PFU Green Procurement Standard to cover all procured items. In order to achieve this goal, we will call for creation of EMS and complete elimination of designated toxic substances at our suppliers, and track the success of these initiatives using surveys and such. To suppliers that do not yet meet the standard, PFU will offer complete support from the purchasing department and other related departments of the PFU group for creation, implementation, and firm establishment of EMS.

    PFU CSR-Conscious Procurement

    In order to implement CSR-conscious procurement together with our suppliers, PFU has enacted the PFU CSR Procurement Guideline, based on the Fujitsu Way and the PFU Way.
    At PFU, in addition to complying with these guidelines and principles ourselves, we require our suppliers to comply with them as well.

    [ CSR Procurement Guideline ]

    1. Global environment conservation
      Based on the PFU Green Procurement Standards, in addition to promoting environmental management systems, we provide products and services that have a low impact on the environment and do not contain designated toxic substances.
    2. Legal compliance
      We comply with all applicable laws and societal regulations both in Japan and overseas, and do not under any circumstances violate them.
    3. Respect for human rights and industrial health and safety
      • We respect each individual's human rights. We do not engage in infringement of human rights such as discrimination or sexual harassment on any basis, including race, skin color, religion, creed, sex, social status, or disability.
        Further, we do not promote nor tolerate such infringement.
      • We maintain a pleasant work environment for the safety and health of our employees.
      • We do not employ child labor or forced labor.
    4. Reliability of products and services and guarantee of quality
      We guarantee the reliability and quality of our products and services.
    5. Maintenance of information security
      We maintain and further information security to protect the information and information systems of PFU and of third parties.
    6. Fair trade and corporate ethics
      1. Fair trade
        We respect fair, transparent, free competition and do not engage in unfair business transactions.
      2. Protection of confidential and personal information
        We utilize and manage information obtained and distributed by our company appropriately according to its type, including PFU's confidential information, confidential information of third parties, and personal information.
      3. Protection of intellectual property
        We recognize intellectual property as an important resource that supports our business, and with a firm awareness of the legal meaning of the rights thereof, work to obtain, ensure, and utilize those rights, and to both protect the rights of PFU and to respect the intellectual property of other companies.
      4. Prohibition of bribery
        We do not engage in bribery of officials or any form of bribery, extortion, or embezzlement using position in the organization or duties associated therewith.
      5. Rejection of organized crime
        We resolutely and unflinchingly face organized crime that threatens the order or safety of civil society, and refuse association thereto of any kind.
    7. Treatment of conflict minerals
      We seriously consider the conflict minerals issue as part of CSR activity, and in our own procurement strive for responsible procurement of minerals.