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    PFU Way

    PFU Way, derivative norms of Fujitsu Way, sets forth guiding principles for every decision and action of all PFU employees around the world.

    PFU Way consists of three components: "Our Vision", "Our Values" and "Code of Conduct".

    Our Vision : PFU's company direction in society

    Our Values : Employees' shared values

    Code of Conduct : Rules that must be complied by all employees

    Our Vision

    Providing value to the customers as their premier Edge Solution Partner

    As an engineering group, PFU aims to be a leading solution partner that paves the way to a brighter future for our customers involved in both analog and digital technologies. Solving customers' and partners' on-site problems using our Edge technologies.

    Our Values

    1. We will bring vision and excitement to our customers

    Our sales teams collaborate with our customers to understand their problems and propose solutions that exceed their expectations. Our product design teams will develop exciting and innovative solutions, tailored to our customers' needs, solving their business problems; going above and beyond their expectations.
    Fueled by a spirit of hospitality, PFU employees will always welcome our customers graciously and enthusiastically; bringing vision and excitement to problem solving.

    2. We will create the world's best technology.

    In order to create the world's best technology, even in niche fields, we will continue to be a passionate engineering group that innovates and embraces advanced technologies. To that end, we will continue investing in human resources and technology.

    3. We will solve social issues through co-creation activities.

    We will grow together with our customers and our partners with high technology and aspirations and create businesses that will dramatically change the world. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through co-creation activities.

    Code of Conduct

    We will respect human rights.

    We will without question never infringe on human rights, and will never endorse or overlook, but rather resolutely address infringement on human rights by others.
    We will learn to recognize discrimination and never engage in discrimination or permit it to occur. Also, in order to detect and prevent discrimination, we will strive to correctly understand human rights issues and cultivate a spirit of respect for human rights.

    We will comply with all laws and regulations.

    We will respect and obey laws, Cabinet Order, ordinances, and customs that are recognized as just by society, and continuously confirm that our behavior does not violate them.
    Furthermore, in oversees dealings, we will maintain a thorough understanding of the laws, history, customs, and ethnicity of the country in question and act appropriately.

    We will conduct fair trade.

    We will not treat customers differently without due cause. We will always treat our suppliers with respect.
    We will never use unfair methods against our competitors and will always maintain a fair competitive relationship with them.

    We will protect and respect intellectual property.

    In order to receive the full protection of our intellectual property by the law, we will faithfully obtain patents, copyrights, and trademarks, and consciously work to increase the profits of the company.
    In addition, we will respect the intellectual property rights of others, and will be thorough and careful in handling them.

    We will maintain confidentiality.

    We will not disclose confidential company information to any party outside of the company without having completed the appropriate procedures, nor use such information for any purpose other than conducting company business.
    Specifically, in dealing with company information, customers' information, and personal information, we will manage the information appropriately and conform to the procedures delineated in the Information Management Regulations and related regulations.

    We will not commit acts for personal gain

    We will never misuse our position in the company, or act in breach of our duties and attempt to gain undue profit for ourselves or related persons.
    We will never use or dispose of (selling, lending) PFU group's assets, including software and equipment, for a purpose outside of conducting company business.